Criminal Law

As a criminal lawyer, I work hard to make sure your voice is heard at every stage of your case. When it comes to a criminal charge, never assume anything. You need the help of an experienced lawyer to hear your side of the story, look at the evidence, and present an effective defense to the prosecutor and, if needed, a judge or jury. No case is too small or legal issue too complicated. Call today to discuss how I can get you through this.


  1. You will be ARRAIGNED. Either at the jail or later at your first courtroom appearance, this is the time you will enter an initial plea of “Not Guilty.” This is true whether you ultimately plan to plead guilty or not as it gives your attorney time to review the case and either plan a defense or work with the prosecutor to resolve your case.
  2. The next court date will be a PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE (Preliminary Hearing if you are being charged with a felony). This is usually the first opportunity your attorney has to speak with the prosecutor about your case to see if something can be worked out without having to go to trial.
  3. DISPOSITION (if something has been worked out through plea bargaining), further PRE TRIAL CONFERENCES (if needed), or TRIAL (if a resolution could not be worked out through plea bargaining).
  4. [FELONIES ONLY] After the first pre-trial conference, you may receive an offer from the Commonwealth Attorney who has jurisdiction over the case. This is called “Rocket Docket.” Regardless of what happens at this phase, you will be have to be re-arraigned in Circuit Court as they have jurisdiction over all felonies.

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