Kentucky gives people who have plead guilty to certain crimes the opportunity for a fresh start. Unlike other states that just seal the records, Kentucky erases it completely. Though the process for getting an expungement is fairly straight forward, you need the help of an attorney to navigate the steps and properly file the necessary paperwork. With the passing of House Bill 40, certain Class D felonies may now be expunged. Call today to find out if you are eligible to have your record cleared and start life without the stigma of your previous mistakes.


  • Misdemeanor: $40.00 for Expungement Certification
  • Misdemeanor: $100.00 filing fee per case
  • Misdemeanor: $350.00 legal fee (you provide information on a basic questionnaire and I do the rest)
  • Felony: $40.00 Certification, $500.00 filing fee per case, $400 legal fee




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